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Scope of business

MPS-67 d.o.o. is involved in the manufacture of lumber, drying and steaming of lumber, manufacture of bee-hives, manufacture of wooden palettes, sale of construction and building material, as well as transport services.

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Building and construction assortment

Steel fabric reinforcements
Sewage pipes
Blocks, porous concrete
Roofing tiles
Styrofoam systems for facades
Dry building
Interior and outdoor paints
Damp proofing and waterproofing
Glass wool and rock wool
Tools and equipment
Plasters and equipment for plastering
Cutting services
Manufacturing wooden bee-hives
Transport services


We manufacture beehives and parts for beehives, as well as supplying equipment for beekeeping.

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Relax with a barbecue and our coffee bar at the ideal spot near gorgeous Rastoke.

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Bowling alley

Our four-track bowling alley has already been used by 15 teams and some hundred bowlers, both men and women.

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We have been investing considerably into the technology of wood working and expand our programme and manufacturing capacities.

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We offer all the building material necessary to build your home, from the basement to the roof.

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About us

MPS-67 d.o.o. was founded in 1994. At the beginning the company was involved only in building material trade and sale and transport services. Later on we have turned to manufacturing, and are a well-known manufacturing company today.

We started the manufacture of concrete blocks and other concrete products, and afterwards built a saw mill with steaming and drying premises, as a precondition for bee hive manufacture, wooden palletes manufacture and processing steamed beech wood.

We opened our shopping centre in Karlovac in 2010.

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