Beehives and other products


We are experts in the manufacture of various types of bee-hives and parts for them (lr, farrar, semi-extensions, nuclei, gender military – rodna voja hives). We also offer complete Croatian and imported equipment for bee-keeping, together with the possibility of exchanging bee wax for hour basis.


Feeder AŽ 10

59.00 kn

Feeder RV

59.00 kn

Feeder LR COMB.

69.00 kn

Feeder LR PVC

49.00 kn

Feeder LR

45.00 kn

Beehive AŽ standard

699.00 kn

Beehive AŽ 3/1

1190.00 kn

Beehive RV

519.00 kn

Beehive RV PLUS

739.00 kn

Beehive complete

419.00 kn

Beehive complete plus

519.00 kn

Beehive complete standard

489.00 kn


39.00 kn

Outer cover RV

45.00 kn

Roof metal

62.00 kn

Inner cover

25.00 kn

Hive body RV

49.00 kn

Hive body RV plus

40.00 kn

Hive body LR

62.00 kn

Hive body LR with frames

105.00 kn