Beekeeping equipment


We are experts in the manufacture of various types of bee-hives and parts for them (lr, farrar, semi-extensions, nuclei, gender military – rodna voja hives). We also offer complete Croatian and imported equipment for bee-keeping, together with the possibility of exchanging bee wax for hour basis.


Varroa smoker

59.00 kn


6.00 kn

Let lampa

149.00 kn

Smoker bellows

59.00 kn

Electric smoker

199.00 kn

Smoker CR fi 100

129.00 kn

Smoker CR fi 85

109.00 kn

Smoker fi 100

99.00 kn

Smoker fi 85

79.00 kn

Jumbo smoker

149.00 kn

Dimni top

659.00 kn

Smoker cartridge

19.00 kn

Kartuša 190g

15.00 kn

Dimilica Varojet

299.00 kn


99.00 kn

Raspršivač PVC

12.00 kn

Uložak za dimilicu Ø100

49.00 kn

Dimak 1kom

1.90 kn