Beekeeping equipment


We are experts in the manufacture of various types of bee-hives and parts for them (lr, farrar, semi-extensions, nuclei, gender military – rodna voja hives). We also offer complete Croatian and imported equipment for bee-keeping, together with the possibility of exchanging bee wax for hour basis.


Honey Valve pvc

39.00 kn

Honey Valve Stainless Steel

159.00 kn


400.00 kn

Honey Tank 35L

600.00 kn

Honey Tank 20L

289.00 kn

Double Strainer Stainless Steel

139.00 kn

Conical Straining Bag

59.00 kn

Straining Bag

49.00 kn

Tank stand

99.00 kn

Honey Tank LOGAR

690.00 kn

Honey Tank 100L

1299.00 kn

Honey Tank

69.00 kn

Honey Valve pvc fi 50

49.00 kn

Bačva za med 200L

89.00 kn

Drvena žličica

9.00 kn

Grijač za med

977.00 kn

Tronožac stalak

99.00 kn

Držalo košnica

119.00 kn

Kanta za med 20L + slavina

289.00 kn

Boca za matičnu mliječ 10g

5.90 kn