Beekeeping equipment


We are experts in the manufacture of various types of bee-hives and parts for them (lr, farrar, semi-extensions, nuclei, gender military – rodna voja hives). We also offer complete Croatian and imported equipment for bee-keeping, together with the possibility of exchanging bee wax for hour basis.


Boca PVC 20 ml

2.00 kn

Boca PVC 10 ml

1.00 kn

Propolis screen

10.00 kn

Plastic Pollen Mesh

5.00 kn

Plastic Pollen Mesh

6.00 kn

Boca staklo 10ml

4.00 kn

Boca staklo 20ml

4.90 kn

Pollen Trap

79.00 kn

Zumba za pergu

39.00 kn

Boca PVC 50 ml

1.50 kn

Mrežica za propolis PVC

35.00 kn

Mreža za propolis Logar

35.00 kn

Mrežica za propolis Anel

35.00 kn

Mrežica za propoli Sil.

35.00 kn

Sakupljač peludi PVC AŽ

89.00 kn

Hvatač peludi

12.00 kn