Beekeeping equipment


We are experts in the manufacture of various types of bee-hives and parts for them (lr, farrar, semi-extensions, nuclei, gender military – rodna voja hives). We also offer complete Croatian and imported equipment for bee-keeping, together with the possibility of exchanging bee wax for hour basis.


Turn and Mark Cage

59.00 kn

Clip Catcher

19.00 kn

Press in Cage

29.00 kn

Queen Marking Pen small

23.00 kn

Queen Marking Pen big

29.00 kn

Chinese Grafting Tool

14.90 kn

Cell Bar Blocks and Caps

9.90 kn

Cell Cups

0.90 kn

Roller Cage

7.90 kn

Queen cage

4.50 kn

Traka nosač matične ćelije

14.90 kn

Jenter System

659.00 kn

Grafting Tool Stainless Steel

29.00 kn


99.00 kn

Cijev za maticu

35.00 kn

Matični nastavci Jenter

11.00 kn

Matičnica Jenter

1.50 kn

Nosač ćelija Logar

2.50 kn

Ljepilo za matice

19.00 kn

Štapić za označavanje matice

11.00 kn