Bowling alley


Bowling alley

The bowling alley „Šanac“ was opened at the celebration of the Day of Slunj in 2012. It was named on the historical part of the medieval town of Slunj, where it is situated.

It is situated some 500 meters from the road D-1.


Our idea was to offer bowling enthusiasts in Slunj and nearby places a chance to involve in their favourite activity, both as a recreation and as a sport. The bowlers of Bowling club „Korana“ got their own place to play and the possibility of being a host in Slunj.

The first year proved the idea was excellent. The town recreational league with 16 teams and around one hundred bowlers of both sex have enjoyed our bowling alley.

Additionally, a number of tournaments were organised (single, in pairs, team), as well as the finals of regional and county competitions. A few young bowlers, both men and women, proved their talents and were enlisted in the teams of KK „Korana“ and ŽKK „Plitvice“.

Some 7-8 additional types of games are offered, besides bowling. The bowling alley has become a place of making friends and spending time, for both young and older, in a pleasant environment, where you are met by friendly staff.